All Silver - Manufacture

Silver jewellery has a timeless value and remarkable durability. We pride ourselves on havingour own production facilities. As a result, our Customers can design their own jewellery, creating unique designs. We can also respond quickly to the market needs. Jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver Our production team consists of 10 people whose experience and commitment allow us to offer our Customers unique products of the highest quality.
Production of All Silver jewellery involves four separate divisions.


Designed by the Customer or in our workshop, the model gets a special form, where it is treated. This allows us to make molds for e.g. rings, brooches, earrings and original wedding rings.


Stamping allow us to make ready-made patterns on a flat surface or bending silver jewelry in order to give the Customer the expected form. Punches are primarily used to make semi-finished products.
The laser allows shaping silver by cutting into any form, for example, openwork patterns or plaques and engraving any inscriptions or symbols preferred by the Customer.


At All Silver  we can color silver jewellery into different colorsby gilding, rhodium plating and palladium plating. Gilded silver is covered with a layer of gold, which gives a nice visual and esthetic effect. Rhodium plating (coating silver with a layer of rhodium) means that silver is darker, and thus darkens slower than "bare silver. It is also more durable and more resistant to scratches. Palladium coating involves coating silver with a layer of palladium (a noble metal belonging to the platinum group). As a result, silver becomes close in color to white gold.

All Silver - from design to effect

The design department at Silver All is dealing with creating new designs and collections of jewelry based on the latest trends in the industry. We are the first manufacturer of celebrity necklaces in Poland. We make various patterns and forms of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

  Our design department also assists Customers in realizing their vision of jewelry designs. We help to create projects in which our production department makes the final product suits to your individual needs.
All Silver – „close look”
All Silver ensures that the stones framed in our jewelry are of the highest quality. Therefore, we thoroughly check them and choose only those that meet our standards. As a result, we are sure that the jewelry we make meets the highest demands in terms of both quality and esthetics