Cash & Carry

All Silver – Wholesale

All Silver deals with wholesale only. When coming to our store, the customer takes the basket and can see and choose products that suit him.  We offer bothPolish and imported finished products as well as jewelry designed in our studio and produced in our manufacture.  The products we sell are made from 925 sterling silver; they may be gilded, rhodium-plated or palladium-plated. Design and production facilities allow us to meet the needs of Customers while many years of experience in the industry allows us to choose and import only the jewelry of the highest quality. We share our experience with the Customers, offering them help and professional advice.
We have a wide range of products of various designs: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many others, as well as ceramic jewelry (of whichwe are one of the major importers in Poland) and a collection of celebrity necklaces - designed in our studio and produced also by us. In addition, we also have collections for men and children.
The prices we offer are manufacturer/importer exclusive prices, and may therefore be attractive and competitive. Our Customers also receive a system of discounts and various promotions.

All Silver – Internet

To date, sales at All Silver mostly took place in a direct way. Now we also want to rapidly expand sales through the Internet. In order to to be able to serve our Customers as efficiently as possible, we have introduced a special system for warehouse management.Itspurpose is to support sales through monitoring and updating inventory. Customers can rest assured that their order will be handled quickly.
All Silver – Shipment
Our long experience in the industry not only allows us to offer Customers the highest quality products. It also makes us aware of how to take good care of these unique and fragile products,also during their way to the Customer. Shipment is securely packaged, and the products properly secured. Each shipment is insured.